Re: How useful is a serger

Moanna wrote:

I recently bought a Singer Quantum to replace the Singer I bought when
I graduated from high school in 1968. While I was in the store
learning to use the new stitches, another woman was getting a lesson on
a serger. This is something I've always thought only professionals
used. Now I want a serger. But do I need one? I sew a little, maybe
once a month. I make non-tailored clothing, drapes, curtains, quilts,
pillows, baby clothes. I use the overcast stitch to finish the fabric
edges. Are there uses for a serger beyond finishing edges (assuming
that's the primary purpose)? I woulda asked the sales person except I
was afraid she'd sell me one before I had time to justify the
extravagance. It just looked like fun. So I'm asking, is it a toy or
more? Thanks...

Well get one! :) I know LOTS of folk who have sergers (especially on this list) who are NOT professional stitchers. If you make baby stuff, they are almost essential! ;) Great for fast, secure, FINE comfortable seams! They do a LOT more than just neatening edges, though I use mine for that too. Do pop over to my web site and see what I get up to. I DO sew professionally, and find the serger *so* essential that I have two!

Definitely NOT a toy! :)

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