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What's a good liner fabric that won't abrade my camera?


If he's using this case in the outdoors, fleece will tend to pick up dust and sand - not good for a camera. That'll take a while, of course, but a camera case isn't the sort of thing you launder. Maybe a flannel type fleece would work, but I think a smooth fabric would be better.


Camera Care Systems and others use nylon taffeta. CCS are waterproofed Cordura on the outside. We have quite a few of their bags and find them excellent (Alan drags them up and down mountains in the wet), and if I ever need to make a bag for a particular camera project, they are what I shall use as a model. Some of out CCS bags are now over 20 years old and still good as new. They don't use closed cell foam for padding as far as I can tell (too squishy). One of the other bags he has uses closed cell foam for moveable inserts so you can divide the bag into different sized areas depending on what you want to carry.

I don't think I'd bother making camera bags when there are such good ones out there: NOT cost effective when I factor the time in. I might spend 40 hours on getting a good bag, and I could buy a hell of a lot of camera bags for the £800 that time represents!

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