Re: Sharing my frustration

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I am making several plain vanilla twill skirts for older DD, with
just minor style changes to each one. This was the second go, so
the pattern is fully altered, and I was just humming along so

Have you ever completed a beautiful line of top-stitching, patted
yourself on the back for doing it so well, and then discovered
you caught just a tiny bit (in this case an inside pocket) of
extraneous fabric in the stitching. Had to tear out the entire
line of stitching. Mumble, %#@*&\!

Beverly, who apparently let the heat get to her...

Oh no! BTDT. Got the t-shirt too....and it has this whacky wiggly line of
topstitching.... ;)

I just did something similar the other day. Was working on a pair of capri
pants for DD. Was topstitching the know the almost next to
last thing that you do on a pair of pants. ;) Caught the edge of the
pocket bag. Grrrr. Luckily I only caught about 1" of it. So I was able to
carefully pull out the topstitching, free the pocket, and restitch. I
didn't have to redo the whole thing even. Just very carefully lined
everything up...with the tip of my tongue stuck out and my one eyebrow
raised way up...just so it would work...stitched over about 3 of the
original stitches on either end. Looked great. :) No one else will ever

Have some therapeutic ice cream. That will cool you off and there are no
calories nor fat in Therapeutic ice cream. ;)

----it's finally cooled off here. Highs only in the 80's today. I almost
feel like I need a parka. LOL

Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of time and just annoys the