Re: Bamboo cloth?

Olwyn Mary wrote:
I read a lengthy article in the Sunday paper about cloth made from
bamboo fibers. It claimed that the fibers make a very soft cloth which
is already being used for bed linens. Has anyone had any direct
experience with it? I'd be interested hearing a comparison (in layman's
language) with linen, rayon and/or Tencel. I'm not including hemp,
because I only ever experienced that as rope or sacking.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.

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The only experience I have with it is ready-made items that I purchased
at Target made from bamboo. I bought a bathmat, which is incredibly
soft. I also purchased a set of sheets made from bamboo fabric and
they're nice, about 310 thread count, so they're not the most luxurious
sheets I own, but they're still nice.

I listened recently to a guy on NPR who owns and operates a textile
mill here in SC where I live. His company is called "Bamboosa" and
they manufacture children's garments out of knit bamboo fabric. He
said that they are a very small start-up textile mill and that the
bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, making it ideal for
children's wear. Anyway, he said they weren't at the point of
manufacturing fabric yardage for sale, and that right now that isn't on
their agenda. Still, it would be nice to purchase bamboo knit fabric
because he kept talking about how very soft the fabric is. I've not
seen any bamboo fabric yardage for sale anywhere locally, but that
certainly isn't surprising.