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Can someone suggest a pattern for a reversible top? I have
a yard of self-patterned gold coloured silk so it has to be
sleeveless. I also have some plain gold and thought I would
line it. But I would like to try to make it reversible.

A one-yard piece doesn't give you many options, for instance a
top with princess seams probably requires more than that. It
would help to know what *width* your fabric is, and what
*size* you are.

However, Simplicity 8523
in the sleeveless version, view B, takes one yard of 60" wide
fabric for sizes 8 through 16.

If you cut the lining from the same pattern pieces (no facings
needed), and know how to "bag" a lining, you could make it

Good luck,


Thanks. B or F certainly seem like what I want to do. I
have just measured and I have actually about a 1 1/2 yards of
fabric X 60", and other slightly bigger so I should have
enough. I am size 16 at the top, 18 through the hips.

I have to ask: these sizes are based on *your* *actual*
*measurements*, and the pattern sizing, right? You have not
indicated in any of your messages how much sewing you do, so
please don't be offended by my asking this question. Many people
new to sewing make the mistake of purchasing patterns and buying
yardage, based on their Ready-to-Wear size, and THAT WILL NOT

One problem - I do not know how to "bag" a lining, and can't
find any instructions in the couple of books I have bought.
Any pointers please. I have sewn before but find it a lot
easier to just follow instructions. I guess I just haven't
much creativity. I hate those things that say "the only limit
is your imagination"!!!

This is a little hard to describe without pictures, but:
This is a good pattern to try this because it has a center back
For your top, cut the front and back pieces from you fashion
fabric. Cut identical pieces from the lining fabric.

Sew the darts, press down.

Sew, the shoulder seams of both segments, press open.

Sew the neckline seam, right side of fashion fabric to right side
of lining fabric, clip the curves, grade the seams, and

Sew the armhole seams, right side of fashion fabric to right side
of lining fabric, clip the curves, grade the seams, understitch
as far up both the front and back of the armhole seam as you can.

Pull the two back pieces through the shoulder areas, turning the
garment right side out.

Sew the fashion fabric side seams,front to back, right sides
together, press open.

Sew the lining fabric side seams right sides together, press

Sew the back seams right sides together, this is a little tricky
as the pattern has a back neck opening, I'm not sure how best to
describe this, but you sew the center back seam of the two back
pieces, fashion fabric-to-fashion fabric, right sides together,
then lining fabric-to-lining, right sides together, up to the dot
for the opening, then the fashion fabric to the lining fabric
from the dot, to the neckline seam on both sides of the opening.
Ugh, this probably doesn't make sense, but...

Press tthe CB seams open.

Now: turn both parts of the garment inside out, and stitch the

Pull the garment through the opening you just left at the side
seam, press seam allowances in the opening and slip stitch
closed. Making it truly reversible requires precision stitching,
and omitting the "understitching". Good luck with that. ;-\

Yikes, I realize this probably seems impossible, I'll try to
find an online site with some diagrams.

You probably have enough fabric to make the version with sleeves,
and unlined... ;-}