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Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to send wrote:
karlisa wrote:

Melinda, an ecstatic Wild Ginger products lover

Have you used the Click and Sew patterns? I have been thinking of
buying one of those.

Yep, I used one before I bought the full Pattern Master Boutique program, because I wanted to make sure I liked the program. I actually had bought the Dress Shop Sampler program to try Dress Shop and was shocked to discover that I really hated their interface (after drooling over it all those years...), so I was too chicken to spend the big bucks on the full PMB without trying it out first. I got the pattern at, because they had a deal where if you bought one C&S pattern and then decided to get the full program, you could return the C&S pattern and get full trade-in value toward the full program. And I got some free tutorial disks with it.

I have been drooling over the Wild Ginger software for awhile. I was about to buy it when my husband upgraded my embroidery/sewing machine for me so I needed to invest in software for that instead. (I'm not complaining about the sewing/embroidery machine, mind you. I've had great fun with it and with the software for it.) Since then I have had the Click 'n Sew patterns on my Christmas and birthday lists but so far no go. You all are tempting me with the idea of picking it up from and maybe trading it up later. I just visited their website and I don't see the Pattern Master Boutique there now. Have they quit selling that? I'll have to do some more research. Christmas will be here in another six months. ;-)

Marilyn in MN