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I've learned a couple of things from my foray into pattern drafting. The
first is that despite being very tall, my waist is practically in my
armpits, and the second is that my <ahem> bust points are further apart
than Vogue places them. So, I've shortened an inch from above the waist
(but didn't bother lengthening at the bottom, perhaps I should) and moved
the front darts each a half-inch towards the side seam. I'm really looking
forward to trying it on and seeing the improvement!

Pattern drafting software!!! (I requested mine for a combined
birthday/wedding anniv. present about three years ago, and I swear by it
rather than at it).

One of these days I'll give it a try. Right now I'm really enjoying doing
it the old fashioned way. Cut myself a master pattern out of cardboard and
am having a blast slashing/spreading and moving bits around. I don't know
if doing it on the computer would have quite the same amusement value :)

Good for you. :) It's not as difficult as most people think.

One really good use I can see for pattern software is the manipulation
of existing designs from the many pattern companies. Otherwise, you're
reinventing a lot of wheels. Giving me a quick way to make that latest
Montana suit or that 1942 vintage pattern fit my very non-standard
figure would be fabulous. But I know of no pattern software that can do
that. No patterns are yet digitized--- sold on CD instead of or in
addition to paper. Moreover, when you want to print a pattern you have
to tape lots of separate sheets together or take your CD to a print shop
since there is yet to be a home device for doing that to scale. I'm
still waiting for someone to explain the advantage to me or the time
savings. I just don't see it unless you're doing totally original and
complicated designs from scratch.... end even then, I have my doubts
given the current technology.


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