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It has to be in bags in the cans, They give us the cans but don't want loose trash.
We have good recycling and it is used by every one. We are also given a small open pail for that.
On Cape Cod we also have to put trash in plastic bags. We take it to the dump or transfer station as it's now called and put it in the big trailer. Recycling out there is even better than here. Everything has a special bin and in it goes.The dump is the meeting place.

Though it's better than it used to be right here smack dab in the middle of the country and the bible belt, most people are not very conscientious about recycling. Honestly, you'd think the churches would teach better stewardship of the land but no. We recycle heavily and have more recycling than trash about half the time despite the fact that I cook with almost no processed foods due to my celiac AND despite that we have two huge compost mounds. It's shameful the amount of wasteful packaging our society produces. The ones I hate the most are the really hard plastic cases (like scissors often come in) that are glued together and you practically need bolt cutters to open the darn package.


Consider that blister packs were invented so that the consumer could see the product, but the packaging would reduce pilfering. My experience working store security is that some of those folks who sing the loudest in church on Sundays are the ones this packaging is needed for - and yet they still shoplift.
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