The Princess And The Pea. OR: A Question Vital To The Progress Of The Human Race

Why are some nightgowns designed with a row of buttons marching down
the front?
Buttons, (no matter how pretty they look) when slept on, leave a
lasting impression, particularly if they are shanked.
Having purchased several cool, lightweight gowns LN, for 50 cents
each, I donned one (an act of customer negligence, no legal recourse
available) last night, only to awaken full of dents and pings. Clearly,
when one dreams one is napping on a bed of nails, it's time to
wakey-wakey and investigate the cause.
Do designers assume that women want to wake up looking like some
18th century tart, covered in pock marks? I am reminded of various
historical torture and chastity devices, designed for maximum
discomfort/and/or pain.
This am., I amputated the pretty buttons, and stitched the front
placket closed. WALLA! No more pea-in-the-bed syndrome.
Now, children, the moral of this story is: if things don't make you
happy, feel free to alter them.