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The same can be said for a Ford, a Chevy, a Toyota, or a Saturn. If there is a carburetor, it's most likely made by Aisin, and other parts are made by other companies. Same with a computer. Or most anything you name. Manufacturing has changed.

True, but I am just saying that it is no longer true that *any* machine made by Singer these days is undoubtedly a good one. You can't trust the low-end models, because they are made by the cheapest bidder.

No, just as you can't trust the low-end of any name-brand appliance's products. Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, etc., often have different manufacturers for different models in their line. Sometimes the low-end is well built with fewer features, sometimes it's junk.

I have no recent sewing machines except my Singer xl6000 and my Pfaff 1475. No Touch & Sews or Stylists, either. I do have several FWs, 401s, 99s, 66s, a 115, a 15, a bunch of 301s, 306s....I wish there were some way to transport some of these to people who come here asking about inexpensive machines. The Pfaff 320, the Elna Supermatic would be great for some of them. I need that scanner Kate and Jean have.
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