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Where did you get that rubbish?
Yea, weird isn't it. Bet she also believes the one about pointing the
machine North so it will sew properly......

No I do not, and keep your snide remarks to yourself. If you wish to
dispute the accuracy of my statement, that is another matter....

..Viking dealer told me that
one in Victoria BC about 2 years ago. Could write a book on the
garbage that has been said about Pfaff.

Since one does not work for Pfaff nor are privy to the details of the
company sale, one relies upon details as related.

The following comes from Pfaff's own website:

"In and outIn 1988 the lawyer, Dr. Schuppli, a member of the PFAFF
family, acquired 52% of the share capital of the G.M. Pfaff AG, and in
1993 it was possible to introduce the new conception for a new concern
structure through the takeover of 72% of the share capital by Semi-Tech
(Global) Co. Ltd. In 1996 Pfaff reorganised the marketing department
with an area concept. Since then, following the motto, proximity breeds
acceptance, regional sales organisations have been supporting the
structures of the agents, who work independently to a great extent.

In 1997 the SINGER/PFAFF-concern was created through the takeover of
80.5 % of the shares by the Semitech subsidiary, Singer. A restructuring
programme was started, which involved the outsourcing of high-wage and
technically less demanding process sections and products to
Podolsk/Russia and Zhuhai/China. Highly specialised and high-tech
industrial sewing machines, as well as essential, particularly
sophisticated components were still manufactured and assembled with the
know-how of the staff at the location in Germany. In 1999 the concern
got into a threatening management situation which led to the separation
of PFAFF and Singer.

Consequently PFAFF concentrated on its core competence again - the
production and distribution of industrial sewing and welding machine
technology. In 1999 the domestic sewing machine division in Karlsruhe
was sold to the Swedish group, Husqvarna Viking."

Full text here:

So take great care madam, before eluding to my posts as "garbage".


the one that persists is that
Singer OWNED Pfaff in the late 90's. Nothing could be farther from
the truth. However, now they ARE managed by Singer guys. Good
people too. Very helpful and willing to do some work to get us parts,
at least here in Canada they are trying to help.

VSM (Viking Sewing Machines) did trash a bunch of parts, machines and
things in Toronto and when they closed the plants in German in 2000.
But ELNA???????? that's a new one. WE got lots of 'stuff' from
dumpster's and nothing went to collectors or dealers. Dealers really
suffered during this time. I see lots of the dumpster divers on eBay.
Singer seems to be doing a good job now and we have had no
interruption in service so far, but the old VSM is a really grumpy
bunch now. Singer managers and tech's in a VSM office.....VSM guys
don't like it much, but they are old friends of the one remaining
Pfaff employee from the old days. .

Old Pfaff Pforum is a good place to ask for a manual.