Re: First pillowcase dress done! Link to pic!

O this is the coolest, thanks for the link to the instructions. I have
several pillowcases here that have hand-tatted or crocheted lace on the
edges. May have to make a couple of these. :)

"Doug&Michelle" <dgiordano@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Its finally done! YEY! Baby wanted to help make it, so it took forever,
but while she wasn't helping I made a twin to the dress, it didn't take
very long at all. I took a pic of that one, unfortunatley I only loaded
it to my etsy shop, so if anyone wants to see you have been warned that
this is a link to my store, sorry I just didn't want to use photobucket
this time! I used my own tutorial for pillowcase dresses, found here:

and the pic of the final product (once again this is my etsy shop, so if
you don't want to see a store please don't click it)

I did put elastic in the underarms just for the fun of it! Anyone who
wants to use the tutorial can figure it out easily. I also made a diaper
cover for both dresses, I can make a tutorial for that too if anyone


Michelle Giordano