Re: My own great fabric shopping day, weather not so good!

Doug&Michelle wrote:
Well I had my own great shopping day today! I went to fabricland (canadian company) and there was a huge sale! I didn't even know about it, I guess I didn't get the flyer they send to members. I bought some cute border print green cotton with purple flowers to make a pillowcase dress and bloomers for the 2yo, and some "punky flowers" and pink netting to make a tu-tu skirt and shrug for my 6yo, who doesn't really understand what punk is, so she believed me LOL! Normally it would have cost about $20 just for the fabric, but I also got a pack of bias tape, some gutterman thread, and a simplicity pattern for my sisters grade 8 graduation party, all for $15!

The best part is I watched the girl measure the fabric, mark with her thumb where the exact amount was, then move her scissors about 3 or 4 inches past that and cut extra for me. They always do that, and that is why I always go there, they don't have the best selection, I would die for some amy butler fabric, but they have great service!

The weather was not so good though, about minus 35 celcius, but much warmer than it has been, so I decided to go somewhere on such a warm day! (or relativley warm compared to the last few days).

I can't wait to get started on these! Hopefully it will make spring come sooner.

So that was my shopping day, I had lots of fun!

Michelle Giordano

Micihelle, It sound like you had a really great day. Lots of good bargains. I'll tell you one thing though you'd never catch me going out in that kind of cold. Minus 35C converts to minus 31F. Is that what it's always like where you live.I'd be in the house all winter bundled up in about 6 layers of Polar Fleece.

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