Re: Elna 9006 problem

"JoK" <jokremers@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If anyone has information/experience with board problems with the Elna
9006 I would be MOST grateful for help. My machine is about 10 years
old. The lighted screen no longer lights but the machine works stitches
adjust. The shop told me that I'd have to buy a new machine as the
board is no longer available! WAIT a minute. It is not ancient. Why
do companies not have replacement parts for a 10 year old machine??
Things should not go wrong in the first few years and I can understand
not having parts for 40yrs+ but an expensive 10 year old machine should
not have to be replaced!
Any help, Jo Ann

Have you tried to get parts for a car older than 7 years? Many
do not make or warehouse them. Disgusting in my opinion. I am not
familiar with the Elna 9006 bit I have two Elnas, the CE 20 (now about 6
old) and a 925 serger (about 8 years old). I am not looking forward to

Jean M.