Re: Looking for Needles

On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 16:12:36 GMT, "Ritze" <cooldude@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I'm in Southern California. I've already visited a few places here but none
>carry this type of needle.
>According to the Singer instruction manual for this machine ( Singer 240W2
>industrial chainstitch machine ) the correct needle class is supposed to be
>Class 24.
>I still have one installed in the machine but it's made by Schmetz. I'm
>really not sure if it's a discontinued or obsolete system. (I also noticed
>that it's a similar needle system that would work in a vintage Toy Singer
>Class 20 child machine)
>The Schmetz website is not very useful as far as cross referencing to other
>systems designation and it does not list a class 24 needle or anything
>closer in dimension.
>*Overall length of needle is approximately 1.2655 inches (32.14 mm).

I have a catalogue that shows the Singer 24X1 needles available in a
carded 5-pack, for the "Mini Mender". They also show up in the
industrial section under Singer and Muva. I would suspect a Singer
dealer in your area would be able to order them.