Re: sewing lace

Pogonip wrote:

Now that you've said you want one, I would bet one (or more) will come to you soon.

Someone was selling a Viking Lily this past week on CL for $300-yes-that's-right-$300, and I am totally sick that I don't have the money to get it.

Then again, there's a Singer 99 hand crank in excellent condition with a perfect-looking case *and* a key and they want $140 and I don't have the money for that right now, either.

And I found the W&W handcrank of my dreams, which I guess was an 8, nor a 9, on a British site for L85 and I'm shaking in my boots wondering if it is still for sale and wondering how I could come up with the money for that.

Oh, well, I still have my Fairy 401.