Re: Renaissance Faire, was Re: Haven't heard from Cea in awhile......?

enigma wrote:
 >  Boo was wearing a 5 for length at the end of school(but he's
gotten taller since), but 3T shorts are falling off him. i try to find pants with the button elastic in the waist since belts are a bother for toiletting at that age.
I try to find those as well, but they are getting harder and harder to find. DS needs a 5 for length as well, but can actually still wear 3s for shorts <sigh>.
what pattern are you using for the cargo pants? i'm having a hard time finding boy patterns, except Burda.
I don't have easy access to it right now, but I think it is McCalls 4820, 4364, or 3416 (most likely 3416 since he likes the elastic at the ankles)...but I probably have all 3 patterns.
does your son
have sensory issues with clothes?
Yes, he does, but I have told him that I'm not making him anymore fleece pants because that's all he will wear to school if I do. He has some jeans that hardly show any wear on them, and I told him that he needed to start wearing them - turns out that he doesn't have a problem with them other than he can't do the snap (not a lot of finger strength). He is also one that needs all tags removed from shirts (thank goodness for tagless undershirts!!). DS can and has worn button up shirts, but they aren't his favorite. The only real way I can get him to wear them is if I make a matching one for Dad <sigh>.

Boo will not wear anything
but cotton knit shirts, no button shirts. i did make him a Rennaisance shirt out of linen with all french seams (french seamed gathered shoulders, that was a trick) that he'll wear, but it's getting too short already.

Larisa, glad that one child is growing normally, DD (almost
2) is still able to wear 12 month clothing!!!

oh my! she is tiny. lee

Yes, she's a tiny one, but more than makes up for it in attitude <grin>. She is growing at a decent rate, though...wears a 4.5/5 shoe, and is 2'6" tall...and 20lbs, she'll get there in her own time