Comments on Kate's favorite pattern

>>From one of my Civil War groups...I'd referred them all to your site,

That was a great story. Similar to mine. Good Day,
Ms. M!

I wore a similar gown for our wedding in 2003. It took
somewhere around 40+ hours and about 5 do-overs to get
it to lay nicely. I found if you take the overskirt
and make it a seperate piece and the bertha and tack
it down after lengthening it two inches, and shorten
the skirt about about 7 inches and the bodice about 3
inches (it was made for a 7 foot tall amazonian
female) it will give you a few major migraines ( just
short of admission to the local hospital of course) ,
only a couple of unmentionable words and a very pretty
gown. Good luck to anyone adventursome enough to try
it. See everyone at the Jackson Ball.

She made hers in a pale slipper satin pink, with pink roses in
clusters. Quite nice, actually.

--Karen M.