Old machine - keep or Freecycle?

My neighbor is giving me an old Singer, or at least a Singer clone. The kind that sits in a stand. I can't find a number on it, but the plate reads "Stitchmaster." It comes with a very cool goodie - a monogramming set! Brand new in the box. The set says that it is for the Singer 760 series.

The belt is missing so I can't really take it for a test drive.

We all know that about husbands hate new machines. And god knows I really don't have room for it....

I have two machines now - portables - one is an old rugged JC Penney, and the other is a 10ish Kenmore that I still haven't messed with since I botched something in the bobbin area that causes needle breakage. That machine does more stitches than my Penney's, that it's claim to fame.

If I freecycle this, am I eventually going to kick myself? Or should I just keep the monogramming attachment and freecycle the machine.

MY life is hard - I have a tendency to keep everything. Hence the "We have no room for this!" problem.

What do you think?