Re: Used LYNX panel a good deal?

On Apr 25, 10:51 am, dgk <d...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Amazon has a few LYNXR/LYNXR24 alarm consoles for $35-40. Assuming
that these are working, is there anything that comes with a new panel
($204) that does not come with the used ones? They say that they have
all the parts, although one does not have the manual. That can be

Do all the various detectors come separately?

RHC: When buying any used alarm panel from Ebay or anywhere else for
that matter, make absolutely sure it is not locked. Disreputable
people have been known to sell locked panels to unsuspecting
customers !

Detectors, door contacts, smokes etc usually are purchased separately;
however, they may or may not come with your used panel.