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RHC:No doubt; you tend to remember those who screw you...:))  Once
this merger happens, there will be loads of people being screwed. ADT
typically raids the resources of those whom they buy and lets the rest
go as they did with the SecurityLink merger. There are loads of people
at Broadview worried about their jobs, and rightly so.

I spent most of my life inside a large corporate organization and saw
firsthand what can and will happen. To my shame, I was part of it
(although unwittingly in those days). Those at the bottom and the
middle, who are the glue holding an organization together, will be
largely sacrificed on the alter of "reorganization". Those at the top
have the goal and obligation, to set things up for the best overall
bottom line for the company. While the better executives will do their
best to keep the pain  to a minimum, bottom line, lots of people will
be let go in the name of improved organization and profit ! Middle
management has "fat" that can always be eliminated. Upper management
too; however, no one there will ever "fall on their sword" in the name
of improved bottom line...:))

On the technical side, this will not be so extreme, since ADT is
bringing on board loads of panels they know nothing about, and will
need expertise to keep things running. At leaset initially, customer
service will slip badly, leaving lots of opportunity for independants
to target millions of accounts from both companies. Many Broadview
dealers will try to jump ship as well, since this was not their
agreement with Broadview.

If history is any guide, most independents will not have a clue about
setting up any type of plan whatsoever.

The end result for us will be one mega-monster company to compete
against rather than two. If independants do their job right, it should
be a much easier market to compete in, given the failings of all large

They wont "do their job right" because most don't know what their job
is to begin with. It will be business as usual.

We have more to worry about on the short term from independant
"startups" giving away systems to get RMR, not realizing until it is
too late, they are largely cutting their own throats in the process.
Up here, we are starting to see HVAC companies selling DSC wireless
systems to go along with their HVAC services, under the guise of
protecting customers against failure of the very systems that they are
installing....??? Their pricing is ridiculously low, so I have to
wonder how they will end up charging for service to make up the
difference. Once the initial service term of 3 years is up, they too
will lose large chunks of this business to lower priced companies,
making them wonder why they got in this business at all.....:))

This is more like reality but including most independent alarm

Anything for a buck...!!

Now you've got it ....!!  You could have elimiated everything you said
above and this would have sufficed.

RHC: Hmmm....very pessimistic view of your brethren in the business !
I know lots of small dealers that are sharp businessmen, and who can
see very clearly what's going on, and where opportunities lie. Guess
we're smarter up here, that's all....:))  (ducking behind any cover as
all sorts of crap flies overhead )-

Naw, I know what you're saying. To clarify my point, ..... Sure ...
there's a lof of "aware" guys out there but it's the mass majority
that decides where a trade goes in it's quests for recognition and
equalization among other trades. Through the years, this trade has had
ample opportunity to pull it's self up by it's own bootstraps and has
not done so..... due to lack of organization. The majority is out
there " being independent". Part of the reason this is so,  is why I
feel as I do about the NBFAA (who has recently taken on an alias ....
as well it should ) This is an organization that's been around for
over 50 years and hasn't done a damn thing to orgaize the massive
power that resides in the small and independent alarm companys.
Instead it has legioned with the big and powerful and hasn't
accomplished shit in making any headway towards ligitimatizing the
trade. The little guys far out number and out-install the Nationals.
They consist of thousands of voices yet they have no unified power.
The NBFAA has totally ignored this power and failed to organize it
through the decades, because ,in my opinion, they know that once they
give the little guys the power, it will be the demise of their cadre
of "good ol boys"

So it's not my "Total" opinion that each and every indepented it a
dummy ..... it's just that "apparent" attitude that is generated by
lack of orgaization, recognition and mandated rules ..... that
provides the over all picture of the trade as ..... inept.

My example that I've give here before is.

There were two doctors who met at a party and one asked the other how
much he got for an apendectomy. He said $8,000.00 .... why? How much
do you get. The second doctor says .... Well, I've only been asking

The next day the second doctor would increase his price to $8000.00.

In the alarm trade, the first doctor would reduce his price to

It's this mentality that degrades a trade and without organization,
training, and mandated installation codes (that it's obvious by this
time are never going to be self adopted by the "independents" ) that
needs to be put in place if this trade EVER wants recognition and the
power to govern it's overall direction.

RHC: Damn! For once,you and I are TOTALLY on the same track !  I feel
exactly as you do about our version of your trade organization called
CANASA up here in Canada. They are in bed with the multi-national
alarm companies and only play lip service to the thousands of
independants here (although they would be quick to take my money if I
was foolish enough to offer it ). They are an "old boys club" too. It
seems to be a natural tendency of all associations to end up that way,
just as has TAOL (The association of Ontario Locksmiths), which I
belonged to for many years, until they too showed their true
stripes !

Your reasoning is sound; however, I don't have a clue how to affect
the problem in any meaningful way

Look at Not For Practical application NFPA and UseLess UL talk about
only dealing with big boys and manufacturers interests