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I recently manage to get hold of a RF scanner. I use it to scan the
living room of an apartment. The scanner beeps in mid air when a
body object is near to the scanner. Can some one tells me what can
possible to the cause?

Is it possible for the reflected frequencies from a motion detector
trigger the beeping sound?

"Human body object"... HBO... "New show every day." :-)

Seriously... An RF scanner is liable to pick up any RF (depending on
the quality of the unit). What's the make and model #? Is the
system in the apartment a wireless job? Before we can answer your
question, we need some more info.

I use a normal RF scanner call pro hunter. It has a wide RF range. To
my knowledge there is no security system installed in the apartment. I
tried using the scanner in other parts of the apartment it doesn't
beep. Most of the beeping is in the living room. The strange thing is
it beeps in mid air at a distant away from the floor and ceiling. If
you move away to one side, it stops beeping. Please help me to

What �you really have is a broadband RF receiver.

Nope , he is using this...

Wireless Camera: 1.2 GHz --- about 3 M; 2.4 GHz --- about 70 cm Cellular
phone: about 1 M Applications:
Detect hidden camera in hotel, motel and club house. Detect hidden camera in
shopping mall toilet, school toilet, locker room and fitting booth, etc.
Prevent video body bugs to protect office, factory and personal privacy.
Size: L 79 x W 28 x T 15 mm Weight: about 26g (included battery) Power: 6V
DC (CR2032 lithium battery x2) Detecting frequency: 50 MHz �` 3.0 GHz
Warning mode: Sound and LED display-

Ok, so it's a narrow band receiver.

Same problem. Same reason. Beat frequencies, harmonics.