Re: Anyone using perimiter fence protection

"nick markowitz" wrote:

How you doing Bob so far everything is going good for me still have the iliostomy issue and some dizzy ness issues but other wise doing good and trying to build my self back up to full time work.

Glad to hear you're making progress, Nick. I'm doing amazingly well. The tumors are completely gone, which is a true miracle. The oncologist was saying that I had maybe six months to live. Now it appears I'm going to beat this thing. If I do, I'll be about the only one to do so. The prognosis for malignant pleural effusion from lung cancer is pretty grim -- often only a few months from discovery. I've had it for nearly three years and to suddenly be cancer free is unheard of.

I did have some minor surgery this week. There's some pain but nothing like what I had before. In a week or so I should be back to my usual, annoying self. :^)


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