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First of all thanks guys for your support on this, so here we go

my network is very simple I have DSL with ATT, and a linksys router
setup with dhcp so the module will take the TCP configuration from
it like IP, mask, gateway as well as DNS etc , also the port is setup
10 Full is does not work 100 Full.

That part is working because I can connect to the module using DL900
using an IP and also the module is already enrolled so at this point
I believe everything is fine.

The problems I have are :
1.- I have Aux comm Fail on the Keypad
2.- The module never send emails ,the SMTP servers I am using is
ATT.NET but I also test GMAIL and AOL , none of them works with the
Module at least for me, for each case I setup the correct smtp
server, I´m using the hostname for example for @att.netthe server
name is and the SMTP port is 465 with
( authentication), Also I tested the configuration using Static IP,
and setup the smtp server IP and I got the same results , I am using
a mail account that are already in use and fully working like

1.- NX-8E
2.- NX-590e version 2.11

Internet access details
1.- ATT DSL Moden speed stream 4100 soft ver
2.- Linksys router RV082 latest version

Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated, at this
point I am running out of ideas. also I´am not a network expert.

Ok, it seems that you have the right stuff and the right info.

I can't answer the issues of the emails not getting thru since I have not
tried nor do I care to try to make that work.

Procedurally I would do the following and if it did not communicate I
return it to GE and get another or find a different way to communicate.

* 8 <CODE> 7 9 # 9 1 0 # EXIT EXIT
That will default the board and get a fresh start. Would not hurt to do
power cycle at this point.

Default the Router back to Factory if you can.
Explorer................ User Name empty and password: "admin"
If you can't call Lynksys.

Connect CAT5 Cable and make sure it is connected to network.
Enter Programming and:

Then turn on DHCP and Polling.
Then enter the IP address into the "Primary Receiver" location.
Then enter the Account Number with preceding zeros as in 00001234
Exit Exit Programming wait 30 seconds and power cycle system down for 30
seconds. >>> VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!

Send a signal and see if it arrives. If it does Whoopie!!!! If it does not
BUMMER and trash the sucker..........

And if it really does communicate you can then and only then try your

Let me know how it goes.

Good luck.


Hi Les

when you say "Send a signal and see if it arrives. " what you really
means by that,

I think we found out where the FTC trouble is from.