Re: recommendations: infrared illuminators - 850nm - up to 100 feet

Not bought direct from extreme (or derwent, or bosch or who ever owns them
but I do have a few derwent uniflood led illuminators, nice compact units,
that really, really light up a large area.

I purchased them second hand, several years old, well used, yet they are
still going strong, no dead leds. Shame I didnt get a psu with them (any one
got any pics of the circuitry inside one so I can see what is there, as I
just built my own with a psu and current limiting resistor (big one!), works
but not ideal!)

They are not cheap units new, but boy, they are good!
"Robert L Bass" <Sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Bob La Londe" wrote:

I try to stay out of the fray here, but every once in a while I have to
step in.

Extreme does have a reputation for some of the best extreme environment
cameras and illuminators. However, when I consulted with them on a job a
few years back they way over engineered the job. Screwed up shipping,
stuck me for customs charges over and above the prices I was quoted
delivered, blatantly refused to make good on defective (out of the box)
product, stuck me with extra product above what I ordered, and basically
made life difficult for me.

All that being said. The product that was not defective has been in
service for almost seven years without a callback.

I'm really surprised to hear that. I've been buying and selling
ExtremeCCTV for many years and have not had problems with them. Most of
their cameras are made to order though and are either non-returnable or
subject to a restock fee. When they quote us on a product I always ask
for estimated shipping costs.

I don't recall ever getting anything bad out of the box from Extreme but
I've occasionally sent things in for service without any major hassles.
We did have a client order the wrong camera from them once (client's
error). They were willing to take it back for a fee but the client
decided to order another camera and use the original one for another
location. That was nice for us since these were high end license plate


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