Re: Some help please

Micky Savage wrote:
"G. Morgan" <no_em@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:dad254ee72b2489a9eee6c9923650f37np@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Micky Savage wrote:

What a very sad person you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mick, you are entertaining, and thanks for that. I have a little request
to burden upon you. Please properly preface quoted lines with the ">" greater
than symbol, so we can see where your comments start and the quoted text ends.

< f88ck > you,

<There you go >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

That is a "less than" sign - but then again you are British... maybe that's the metric "greater than" sing?

Seriously, your news reader should have some sort of setting that will cause the quoted text to stand out in some way.

There is at least one other here who does the same thing and it makes reading his responses (especially to long posts) frustrating.