Re: Off contract soon with Apex, I'm looking for cheaper monitoring

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All of them.

Husband just pulls out of the driveway, burglar kicks in front door,
instantly triggers...they are all lame, and depict women as helpless

Jim Rojas

How exactly is that deceptive? <

The operator (Mike) is on the phone with the client at the 2 second
mark even though the system has a 20 second delay. That is the first
thing that comes to mind.

I thought of that too however if you look at the price of a 30 second TV
spot I can see why. <

The commercial was filmed that way to portray a ridiculously fast
response time to an unrealistic incident.
I received a copy of that ad, and many others, before they hit the
airwaves. Jim is correct that the ads are deceptive, but when was the
last time you saw a completely honest advertisement?

The system being armed in instant mode, during the daytime, while
people are still home, is another one that baffles me.
Describing the equipment as state of the art borders on hilarious.


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