Re: Handheld Programmer For Brinks Security Panels

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Yup, he's going into a Texas courtroom against a super large Texas
company that employs thousands after he failed to appear once before.
I'd say his chance of coming out with his balls is slim to none but I
hope I'm wrong. He should have immediately lawyered up in Tampa and
had the venue changed to there.

Brinks intends to cost him money, if not bankrupt him. He'll get no
help from any of the alarm associations, local, state or national
because they've been dumping money and people their way for many
years, almost on a full time basis.

I guess you can say they know how to work the system.

Good luck, amigo!

Update, the judge was sick today, his hearing is tomorrow. I should see
sometime tonight

Mark, any word on what's going on with Jim Rojas ?


I took him out to get something to eat last night, he called me this morning
after the hearing and said he was going to post here the results but my
guess is he isn't back from the bus trip yet (yes he really took Greyhound).
They ruled against him, something about a $25,000 judgement, they threw any
other charges out although I'm fuzzy about the rest of the results. Needless
to say Governor Perry didn't execute him.