Re: Ademco 5828 Wireless Keypad

Robert L Bass wrote:

I also accumulated some useful posts from other techs here and in a couple of other newsgroups.

Which is why he's still participating here. He doesn't install anything and has no experience with a lot of the products he shills.

A number of manufacturers gave me permission to put copies of their manuals on my site as well.

While a number of them told you to remove their downloading software (which you posted to your site without permission).

Note: One of the more disgusting rodents who posts here claims I "stole" his technique for wiring Anderson windows. The truth is I quoted a few sentences he wrote on one of the few days he actually posted anything useful. Since this particular vermin hides behind a pseudonym there was no way to give credit to the author. In the appropriate place I simply credited it to "Anonymous." I think you know who I mean.

Note: One of the more disgusting fish who posts here did in fact steal (copy without permission) Jim's technique for wiring Anderson Windows. And he's also posted comments (to a competitors website) complaining of poor service while he was masquerading as another Newsgroup participant.

Unfortunately, we took the dedicated FAQ server off line during a hurricane and either during handling or on the drive home the drive was damaged.

What'd you do?? Drive your van over it?? You'd have to do something pretty intense to damage a hard drive installed in a case.

I had planned to put it back online after bringing a lot of pages up to date but it wouldn't boot. The drive was toast.

To bad you pissed of Graham to the point he no longer has anything good to say to you (or will even give you the time of day). I understand he's archived your entire FAQ. It's also too bad that you've obviously never heard of "backups".

Bottom line... If you're going to run an online business, get yourself a toll free number, and a working email (or one of those online tech support links). Bass did have all of these, but dropped them because he couldn't justify the expense.