Re: the police was dispatched to ... the wrong house

Roland More wrote:
Well Frank I wonder whether or not you enjoy getting calls from a customer who walks into their place of business and sees the aftermath of a break in and wants to know why they weren't notified? After you trace the problem to its source and deal with it, you don't want to find this. This being an arrogant attitude of someone that claims to be not only in the apex of the food chain, but in the know as well, yet continues to challenge you on every detail? Details that those above him have verified and not only signed off on, but paid off as well. Remember I only made a comment, the rest is on him. No worries, it will all be finished soon enough. If you think I am off in the deep end then I can say the deep end is fine for me. It's better than being in deep shit, and having to cut a check to cover it all, don't you think

What I think is that what you've apparently exposed is simply "the unthinkable". I don't doubt what you say. It just boggles the mind.