Programming First Alert Pro FA168CPS Alarm Panel

I recently bought a house with an alarm system and I want to change
some of the zone programming.

The alarm panel is a First Alert Pro FA-168CPS and I have the
programming manual and can get into programming mode and change
things. Unfortunately, my keypad is not an alpha-numberic one and so I
can't program the zones.

The programming manual mentions the Compass software so I was hoping
that I could do the zone programming using this. I downloaded Compass and the First Alert Pro Canadian Personality disk (I live in
Canada). The problem is that when I start up Compass, the First Alert
Panels do not appear in the list of panels.

Do I need any other software to get Compass to work with my panel?
Can I connect Compass up to my panel directly without using a
telephone line?
Is there any special programming I need to do to the panel to get it
to work with Compass?
Is there any other way to do the zone programming without an alpha-
numeric keypad?

I asked First Alert these questions and they simply referred me to a
local dealer. I asked the local dealer and he only wanted to sell me
alarm monitoring service. Can anybody help?