Re: online DMP dealers?

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Is it impossible for a consumer to buy DMP parts?


Wow - I wish I knew that 2 years ago before I committed to a DMP

DMP is an over rated closed system. Make sure your monitoring
contract does not automatically renew and terminate it. Get a
several more ethical company to come in and give you bids on
replacing it with a more open system with better support, pricing,
and features.

Wow, great advice. Time to get rid of that crappy DMP system. What
would you suggest, Radio Shack?

The OP has indicated a DYI bent so Napco or DSC would be a better
place for him to be than DMP.

Perhaps, but you inferred that his alarmco was unethical for using DMP,
and was somehow cheaing him by using proprietary equipment.

Clearly the OP had no idea he was buying a closed system that he could not
touch. It is clearly the responsibility of the installer to make that clear
to the purchaser.

Actually, I don't really blame my alarm company. They are high
quality, high service, and high price. They actually have been quite
good to me but they are really more geared to catering to people who
would rather pay than get their hands dirty. Personally, I prefer
doing things myself mostly because then I enjoy it and I can get
exactly what I want -- saving money is less important.