Re: Can security experts break an ADT alarm system

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On Sun, 9 Jul 2006 19:58:07 -0700, "Brent" <Brent@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Can security experts break anybodys door alarm system by reprogramming it
and making the system useless or control it remotely ?

Is it normal for the door alarm panel not to ask for code, when "stay" is
pressed. The manual says it will ask for the code when "Stay" is pressed.

It's far more likely that a thief would attempt to disable the system
locally than try to hack it remotely. ADT uses a special version of
the remote DLL software used to remotely program alarm panels.
Occassionaly you'll see someone here ask for a copy and be told that
there aren't any. AFAIK, there aren't any copies floating around out
there and you can't reprogram an ADT panel remotely without it. I
would be much more concerned with the possibility that the link to the
monitoring center could be compromised. That's why the most secure
systems like those that protect government secrets and bank vaults
typically use some type of line security; a feature typically not
found on run-of-the-mill alarm systems.

What is a line security. You need to elaborate on it for security novices
like me.

At a minimum, you should at
least use some type of wireless communications device as a
communications back-up.

I do have a cell backup up package and how difficult is it for sophisticated
thieves with lot of secuirty systems expertise to break it like our friend
rosalnathan speculated yesterday.