Re: Can car alarm be set off by cell phone?

"DanK" <djk104@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We have a 2004 Toyota with a factory installed car alarm. The alarm
goes off randomly. Sometimes a few times a day, some days not at all.
No physical disturbance is setting it off (it does it even sitting in
our closed garage). However, we noticed that it seems to happen when
my daughter's cell phone is in the car. I am still trying to confirm
this relationship (by having the phone in there, or not having it in
there, and seeing when the alarm goes off).

Could the cell phone be setting off the alarm? It's nothing obvious,
like the phone being on "vibrate" mode, and receiving a call. Could
the phone be sending a radio signal that is at a frequency that sets
off the alarm (like the frequency of the emergency button on the key

We had it at the Toyota dealer, but they didn't find anything (this was
before I made the cellphone connection).

Thanks for any help!

When I had a Nextel phone, I remember that it would cause noise on other
devices like computers, radios, etc. This would occur whenever the phone was
in proximity with these devices, and not just when placing or receiving