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Think about the question you just asked "Other than fps, is there
anything else that gives you a better view for $3k?". Ask yourself WHY
you want cameras, and what you are trying to accomplish with them? If
you are using them to enhance your home security then cheap is not the
way to go. Why wouldn't you want the best resolution, or recording
When it comes to CCTV you either purchase quality or you're just
wasting your money.
You asked for help in a newsgroup comprised of people who work with
these systems day in and day out. Appreciate that they even offered a
reply, free of charge, and before questioning their answers take a few
moments to look at some systems they suggested.
Odds are you will have a better understanding of your options after
doing so, and you'll probably end up agreeing with them (and someone
other than them turning a profit on the sale).

I'm trying to understand what someone means when they say to spend 2k to 3k
on a system vs. 1k for better picture quality. When I asked that someone
pointed out fps, but the rest was about ftp, e-mail, networking, etc., which
as far as I can see is not about picture quality, especially if I don't use
it most of the time.

I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I sincerely want to know what the extra
money gets you in picture quality so I can decide if it's worth it. If it
isn't I'd rather spend the money on cameras.

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I'm looking to get a DVR and hook up some outdoor home secuirty
it. Image quality is very important, as is the ability to set areas
for motion detection within each camera feed (if possible) as well
the ability to connect over the internet.

I've been trying to research over the internet but there's so many
different dvr products and so little information on-line. I feel
I am unable to find a good product that will do what I want.

Is there a good resource to look at? A particular brand or two that
reliable and good? A respectable on-line store?

I've seen a brand called Clover that might be ok but not much

Also, was looking to do this for less than a $1000.

You might find a package at a discount store for around $1000, but
image quality is important, you'll need to beef up your budget two or
three times.

Depends on ones perception of image quality I suppose. What does the
extra $2k get you?

email, ftp, or grps notification/ remote archive capacity. more fps
triplex or better operations, real time viewing.

Other than fps, is there anything else that gives you a better view for