Re: Need Advice For Packaged Home Alarm Purchase

Robert L Bass wrote:

DIY isn't for everyone. If you're considering that option, you're welcome to call and I'll explain what you'll need to buy,

That's *if* he's answering the phone...

what tools you will need and what is involved in the work.

Uh-huh... Don't forget to mention how handy it is splicing your contacts in the attic to avoid keeping the front door open too long...

not rocket science.  You need a bit of patience to get the hang
of some of the tasks.

It would help if you were doing it with an experienced installer helping. I'd suggest finding someone local that's amenable to giving you a hand.

In addition to running a small, central
station alarm company for 24 years, I've operated an online DIY
store for about nine years (some of that time overlaps as I ran
both businesses side-by-side for a while).  In all that time I
know of two cases where DIY clients actually gave up and hired a
pro to help them finish.

And your math still sucks... You lived in Florida while you were on parole from 1979 to 1984. Lived in CT from 1984 to 1992 (or '93) and from 1996 to 1999. Moved back to Florida in 1999... So.. how is it you could have run a "small central station alarm company for 24 years" again?? Even if you took 1980 as the "start" of your business (according to the BBB it was January 1980) and 1999 as the last year you were directly involved in "running" it, that's only 19 years... I'd love to see you explain how it is you started a "central station alarm company" with absolutely no training or experience in the business before and what must have amounted to close to a "zero" customer base... But I guess that would be pretty easy to do considering who you are (the biggest liar and fraud in Usenet). The CS receiver on your nightstand must've been a bit of a pain in the wee hours of the morning. I just love the "kicks and giggles" you dish out, Robert...

Let's see... fourteen complaints at the BBB and four seperate online stores... Tsk!!!