Re: camera advice please...

you can buy alot of 'cheep' cctv plug and play' system's which seam to do
the job, but you only get what you pay for with cctv, the joke @ my company
is that 'cctv' actually means 'chaching tv' it's expensive.
if you want to buy cctv equipment, go to 'Gardeners security' they are all
over the country see the web, but if you want to connect a cctv system to a
flood lighting system to bring up your cctv pictures try 'GJD' flood
lighting ( can get it from gardeners )

"Stuart" <member@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> ...I live in the middle of nowhere in a couple of acres, and would like to
> install a couple of cameras around that if anything moves, will
> automatically flash the picture up on my TV while im watching it. Is this
> possible? It would be at night, so would I have to install low level
> lighting everywhere in order for the cameras to pick anything up? If
> anyone can help, I am in the UK and could do with the name of a good
> specific system please,
> Thanks for any help,
> Cheers
> Stuart


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