Re: Looking for Wireless Security Manufacturer

Bob Worthy wrote:
I think the original post was about wireless. The word contact was used but
probably was refering to transmitters.

"Frank Olson" <Use_the_email_links@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Brett Griffin wrote:

I am trying to find the name of the company and a website address.

What I know is they made a lower cost alternative for security contacts


would work with the GE and Ademco panels. I know one of the companys


to sue this compnay for patent infringement but they this company won
because of "rf" is public domain from what I recall.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have tried searching the 3 main


engines but no luck, thought I would try here.

I shy away from lower cost alternatives when it comes to contacts.
Stick with a company that stands behind their product.  GRI and Sentrol
are the only ones we use.

That's difficult to read one way or the other. I think some clarification from the OP was in order (perhaps he wasn't familiar enough with the terminology). The responses since my post appeared to answer his question though. That's what this Group is all about!! :-)