Re: Veritas 8C - needs a complete reset.

It sounds like this is the way to do a factory reset. If the installer code
has not been locked, it will come back in it's factory fresh programming
mode with the factory default user and installer code. If the board is
"locked", you're board is "toast". You'll have to contact J. Rojas on this
ng and he can assist in unlocking it for you.


<rolf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> The installation manual does state this;
> "If the Engineer code has been lost, provided it has not been locked
> (section 3.2.2,
> page 21) power down the system (mains and battery). Restore power. All
> the
> indicator lights will illuminate for 10 seconds. Press RESET or SLOWLY
> press and
> release the panel lid tamper spring 3 times, before the indicator
> lights turn off. The
> factory settings have now been re-loaded into the Non Volatile Memory."
> But doesnt mention if this resets the user key code as well..I just
> want my alarm to stop beeping =)
> Thanks
> Rolf

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