Re: Help needed to recover/reset master code on DSC Power 832 in Toronto

Sir, as Frank said, try the default master code of 1234. Usually that won't
work though unless the previous owner had the foresight to reset it himself
before he left the home.

The other far more involved way is to reset the panel back to factory.
However, if you do that, your alarm panel will be functionally useless
unless you have the current installer code, AND the programming sheets, AND
are capable of re-programming the panel yourself (or know someone that

AND, VERY IMPORTANT, make sure the board is not "locked" in software before
defaulting, otherwise all the settings will go back to factory EXCEPT the
installer code, and your board is effectively useless for local use until is
is completely reprogrammed. The way to determine this BEFORE you default is
to power the system down completely. Then with your ear to the board (you
may have to temporarily disconnect the siren), power up with AC only, and if
the board gives off a series of "clicks", it is locked. If you hear nothing,
then the board can be defaulted by the following method:

Run a jumper wire from PGM 1 to Zone 1, power up the board and wait about 20
seconds.Your board should be back to factory at this point (Dont forget to
remove the loop from PGM 1 to Zone 1). At this point, you master code has
also been reset to "1234". Then you can enter installer programming mode
....*8 and then 5010, to complete the full programming of the board (and I
repeat, you must have both the programming sheets and the knowledge to do

For information on the meaning of installer lockout, go

For information on how to have your panel unlocked, go

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"MaximDim" <maximdim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> Could someone recommend somebody who could help with recover/reset of
> master code(s) on my DSC 832 system in GTA area or in Ontario, Canada?
> I recently moved into the house and pervious owner didn't left me any
> codes for security system. System is not monitored currently. Any
> advice? Thanks