Firelite MS5024UD

Firelite MS-5024UD

We have had a couple recurring problems with this system.

It went into alarm once just after installation indicating an alarm with a
single pull station. The pull station had not been activated and there was
nothing wrong with the wiring to it.

At one time it locked up and locked up one of the phone lines regularly.

Firelite told us we needed a new EPROM for it which we got and installed.

We have had no problems for several months until about 3 days ago.

The system for no apparent reason went into alarm. It did not send any
signals. When I sent a service tech to the site the following day there was
nothing showing on the display, but the bell circuit was still buzzing
weakly. None of the devices had been tripped. It had locked up the phone
lines and the customer had unplugged the phone line jacks to clear up their
lines for use. The panel appeared to be locked up. He powered down and
powered back up the system and it appeared to operate correctly.

By looking at my central station record it appears to have had its
malfunction between the first and second auto test signals that it sends
every night.

I have not been back over the to do a complete test on the system, but it is
reporting auto test signals properly now. I received a call from the fire
department today. They want me to send them a letter guaranteeing this
system will work. I can't do that because is not the first time this panel
has locked up.

Power seems to be fine. Phone lines appear to be fine. What do I do.
I am getting very frustrated with this system. I am ready to rip it out and
install something else in its place. Everything is installed correctly and
when we check everything its all hooked up correctly and tests out properly.

There are only a handful of devices on this system. Its very easy to test
each circuit. There are:

Sprinkler flows and tampers
One smoke detector
One bell
One pull station

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