Another Hammer Blow, Another Wake Up Call.

Another chapter is being written, another scene is unfolding, another
play is being re-enacted in the demise, subjugation and enslavement of
the Muslim people. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya have already been
destroyed, Syria is being dismantled as we speak. The enemies of
Muslims namely, US, Britain, France and Israel backed by all NATO
mafia members are able to put their game plan in action through the
hapless, selfish, morally defunct and totally corrupt so called Muslim
Presidents, Kings, Sultans and Sheiks who are all sold out mind,body
and soul to the consumers of swine flesh and guzzlers of alcohol.
These leaders have no shame, they are devoid of any pride and they are
Muslims in name only. These' Burka' clad Sheiks particularly the ones
known as the Saudi kings must make room for the people to run their
countries more independently and free of any clutches of the
Hegemonic West.

The terrorist states, the villains of peace the hitherto unpunished
and unchallenged war criminals namely, US,Britain,France and Israel
must be brought to justice.

Following article throws a very honest light on actions of the above
mentioned terrorist states.

“Friends of Syria”: Not Friends of the Syrian People
By Ghali Hassan,
Axis of Logic exclusive
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On 01 April 2012, the so-called “Friends of Syria” met in Istanbul to
plan their agenda of fomenting civil war in Syria to destroy the
country and oust the Syrian Government, using “human rights” as a
pretext. They have agreed to provide finance and arms to outlawed
groups attacking the Syrian state and the people of Syrian.

For a start, the anti-government violence in Syria has nothing to do
with a popular civilian uprising. It is a Western-sponsored armed
insurrection that is condemned and rejected by the overwhelming
majority of the Syrian population. Even Syrian civilians who opposed
the current Government have rejected the armed insurrection. The U.S.
and its allies (vassals) will never support an anti-imperialist
popular uprising.

From the outset, the armed insurrection has been instigated and
financed by the U.S. and its allies, not only to destroy the country
(Iraq and Libya are good examples) but also to oust the legitimate
Syrian Government and replace it with a U.S.-controlled despotic
regime. Syria is a sovereign nation and has the right to take a
sovereign decision to defend the Syrian nation from foreign-sponsored
armed insurrection.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Manar (05 March 2012), the
armed insurrection is led by a collection of Western-sponsored
criminals, C.I.A. assets, Israeli terrorists, blackwater mercenaries
and bribed army deserters. In short, they are C.I.A.-Mossad led
paramilitary militias (a.k.a. terrorists). They are well armed and
well paid by foreign powers. The U.S., Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia
are providing arms and cash. France and Britain are actively providing
military training and advice. The terrorists are committing heinous
crimes against the Syrian population, including torture, rape, and
mass executions of young men.

The terrorists have been instructed by their Western handlers to
engage in violence and acts of terrorism against the population to
tarnish the image of the Syrian Government. They have rejected
peaceful negotiations and are demanding U.S./NATO military
intervention based on the Libyan model to oust the legitimate Syrian
Government. To enhance their image, the terrorists have been glorified
by Western media and promoted as the “Free Syrian Army”, the “Syrian
National Council” and “Opposition activists”. They have powerful
“friends” that no other anti-government protesters have.

The major players of the “Friends of Syria” are: the U.S., Britain,
France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt,
Bahrain and other U.S. vassals. Almost all of them are repressive
states and violators of human rights. Many of these states are
tyrannical dictators. The U.S., Israel, Britain and France (under
Nicolas Sarkozy) are police states that espoused a fascist ideology
under a veneer of fake democracy. The U.S. and its allies have
supported and continue to support the most repressive and murderous
regimes on the planet. The U.S., Britain, Israel, France and Turkey
are vicious enemies of the Arab people. In fact, the prevalent
attitudes of U.S.-NATO states toward the Arabs (and Muslims in
general) are reminiscent of the Nazis’ attitudes toward Russians, Roma
people, and Jews.

In addition to powerful friends, the terrorists can count on the
support of the leading capitalist media. The main Zionist propaganda
organs, the BBC, New York Times and Al-Jazeera have formed a second
front in the war against Syria. Specialised in distortion of facts and
fabrication of false stories, the media are guilty of war crimes. And
with dishonest journalists and pundits, such as Robert Fisk, Andrew
Cockburn and Gilbert Achcar, the people of Syria are facing a criminal

It is important to remember that, “Friends of Syria” are the same
friends who colluded with George Bush to invade and destroy Iraq. The
barbaric invasion and murderous Occupation caused the death of more
than 1.5 million innocent Iraqi men, women and children. More than 5
million Iraqis have become displaced refugees. After nine years of
murderous Occupation, Iraq and the Iraqi society are in ruins and
mired in U.S.-sowed violence.

After Iraq, Libya suffered the same criminal destruction. The barbaric
destruction of Libya and the on-going destabilisation of Syria are
part of a much larger Zionist agenda designed to: (1) undermine the
democratic aspirations of the Arab people (e.g., Egypt, Bahrain,
Tunisia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia) and their struggle for social change
and liberation (de-democratisation); (2) spread chaos throughout the
region, using the people as the “walk-ons”; (3) remove Israel as the
enemy of the Arab people by co-opting Arab dictators to act as
financiers of U.S. wars and as proxy foot soldiers for U.S. and
Israel; and (4) deflect attention away from Israel’s crimes against
the Palestinians, including the Judaization of Palestine.

Now, you wonder why “Friends of Syria” are not “Friends of Palestine”.
We all know that the Palestinians have been at the receiving end of
Israeli violence and Nazi-like occupation for more than six decades.
If “Friends of Syria" are concerned about “human rights” abuses, they
should call themselves “Friends of Bahrain”. The majority of the
people in Bahrain deserve all the support to end state repression and
violence against peaceful protesters. Where were “Friends of Syria”
when hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians were murdered
by U.S.-led invading forces? One wonders where were Amnesty
International (AI), the United Nations (UN), Human Rights Watch (HRW)
and the International Criminal Court (ICC) when thousands of Iraqi
men, women and children were tortured, raped and brutally murdered by
U.S.-British occupying forces. This classic Western hypocrisy doesn’t
end there.

In March 2012, Navi Pillay, the United Nations' Human Rights chief,
accused the Syrian Government of orchestrating the violence and
targeting children. She said: “Because President al-Assad could simply
issue an order to stop the killings and the killings would stop." She
added: “Hundreds [of children have been] detained and tortured ...
it's just horrendous," Her information, as always, was second-hand,
and she has no basic knowledge of Syria, but she proved to be a useful

Can you imagine Navi Pillay telling the BBC that, she is “deeply
concerned about the fate of thousands, not hundreds of Palestinian
children being held in detention by the Israeli regime in cruel and
inhumane conditions”? My guess is, if she does, she will have no job
at the UN and she will be sent back to South Africa. Since 2000, the
Israeli army has killed 1,471 Palestinian children in the Ghettoes of
Occupied Palestinian Territories, the majority of whom were aged
between 13 and 17 years. Nearly a quarter of all children arrested are
held in solitary confinement. Children are forcefully taken from their
families, during night raids, imprisoned, beaten and tortured,
intimidated and often subjected to electric shocks. Their “crime” is
throwing stones at soldiers armed with M16 rifles and tear gas. What
does Navi Pillay have to say about the 1.5 million Palestinians
imprisoned and terrorise (on a daily basis) by the Israeli fascist
army in the world’s biggest open-air Concentration Camp, Gaza? Israel
is not Syria, and the Israeli fascist regime is the U.S. most financed
and armed regime on the planet.

Despite the violence and economic hardships (caused by U.S. economic
warfare) imposed on Syria, President Bashar al-Assad remains the most
popular president not only in Syria, but in the region. Syria is not a
repressive regime like most of the U.S.-endorsed regimes in the
region; it is a one-party state on a reform path. Indeed, al-Assad's
commitment to democratic reform is unique in the region and he doesn’t
need the US to tell him about democracy. In fact, the U.S. has a
shameful and well-documented history of undermining democracy around
the world, including Syria in 1849.

Furthermore, as the leader of a small nation, President al-Assad is
not an American stooge and has shown great courage in the face of
imminent threats by the U.S. and Israel. The U.S. real agenda in Syria
is the destruction of the Syrian Government and the ruling Ba’ath
Party. It is a Zionist agenda designed to protect Israel and advance
Israel’s Zionist expansion.

If the war on Syria continues, it will destroy the third and most
progressive, educated and secular nation in the region. It will leave
the Middle East backwards and ruled by repressive and weak monarchies
subservient to U.S.-Israel Zionist diktats.

As efforts to find a peaceful resolution continue, “Friends of Syria”
are fighting tooth and nail to discredit and undermine Kofi Annan’s so-
called “peace plan”. If Annan’s plan fails to oust the current Syrian
Government – most likely – it will be used as a pretext to justify
U.S.-NATO military intervention. As a former UN Secretary-General,
Annan served U.S. imperialism with distinction. His current task is to
plan a war against the Syrian people, and he shows no pretence which
side he is on. Annan’s “peace plan” makes the case for war against
Syria much stronger.
Annan’s successor, Ban Ki-Moon, a complicit in U.S.-NATO war crimes
against Libya in flagrant violation of the UN Charter, has now turned
against Syria, blaming the Syrian Government for the violence. Ban, of
course, has no courage to condemn the supply of arms and cash to the

If the U.S. and is allies attack Syria, the UN Secretary-General
should tell the world what will happen to the million Iraqi refugees
who fled to Syria to escape the U.S. murderous Occupation. Ban should
tell the world what will happen to the 500,000 Palestinian refugees
living in Syria. Will they be massacred in their refugee camps like
the Palestinian refugees that were massacred in Sabre and Shatila
refugee camp during Israel’s fascist occupation of Lebanon?

“Friends of Syria” have already said that they will take "measures",
including unprovoked aggression to oust President al-Assad. On 25
April 2012, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said recently, if the
“peace plan” fails; "we would have to move to a new stage with a
Chapter Seven resolution (which allows for action that could be backed
by force) to stop this tragedy". One wonders why Minister Juppe has no
concern to stop the six decades-long tragedy in Palestine and the
decade-long tragedy in Afghanistan. And where was Mr Juppe during
Iraq’s decades-long tragedy? If Mr Juppe is really concerned about
human rights, he needs to look no further than in his own backyard.
France is one of the most anti-Muslim racist countries in Europe, and
second only to the Netherlands. Mr Juppe knows very well that France
does not give a damn about human rights. Strategic interests override
any criminal violation of human rights. Adolf Hitler used
“humanitarian” military invasions (“to protect human rights”) as a
pretext to justify Nazi’s aggression and war crimes. Today, the U.S.
and its allies use the camouflage of “human rights” to manipulate the
public to justify aggression and war crimes against small defenceless

Instead of promoting a peaceful resolution, “Friends of Syria” are
engaging in a campaign of mischaracterisation of the Syrian Government
and the violence. It is obvious why “Friends of Syria” have set
conditions for the Syrian Government to fulfil, while leaving the
terrorists free to terrorise the Syrian population, including
supplying them with bombs, ammunitions and cash at the expense of
dialogue and peace. As Russian foreign ministry spokesman, Alexander
Lukashevich rightly said, the terrorists are waging a reign of terror
to terrorise the Syrian civilian population and they are not
interested in peace. Furthermore, the Israeli website, DEBKAfile
reported Monday (30 April2012) that: “The suicide bombings hitting
Damascus and Idlib in the last 24 hours were the work of al-Qaeda in
Iraq – AQI, whose operatives have been pouring into Syria [from Turkey
and Jordan] in the last two weeks.” With allies like al-Qaeda, “Friend
of Syria” cannot claim to be friends of the Syrian people.

The meeting of “Friends of Syria” in Istanbul was not a meeting for
peace. Rather it was a prelude to instigate more violence and
destruction in Syria. Whatever the outcome, “Friends of Syria” will be
held to account for their complicity in crimes against the Syrian

Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst living in Australia.

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