By Aviroce

The term "Messianic" is a religious term meaning in fact "Zionist" and even the last term is also a religious term used for a world strategy to establish the Kingdom of Zion where non-Jews are non-humans or beasts which is another implication meaning "slaves." I guess Jews tend to utilize whatever power supports them such as the only power that supports them and that is the United States of America like Chomski calls it "The Empire." In this case the Empire is bleeding profusely from wars it created on the far end of the world and except for the present president Barack Husein Obama this bleeding would have taken its life away.

Iran is a country with high intellect and it is determined to stay independent from Western powers especially Israel and the Empire. This seems contradictory when you look at Iran developing a Nuclear program in a country that has so much of oil reserves. This contradiction is a fallacy. Oil reserves as well as the technology to use it are on the decline. This could leave a country that merely exports oil very vulnerable to imports from Western countries who would then determine both amount and price as they see fit. By developing Nuclear Energy in Iran, the latter would at least have a continuous supply of energy to continue its indpendence. We should allow this highly intelligent country develop its Nuclear program for diversification of use. Who knows these Iranians may create new machinery and processes that can help humanity. This means that the Empire and its subservients allies should give Iran a breathing space to develop as it will never use any Nuclear bomb against any country for fear simply that it and the world community will come to catastrophic disaster whose outcome is uncertain. In this case there will be no winners. Humanity will be the loser and Jews who think they can use Nuclear bombs carelessly are in for a suprise: Israel and Jews may be coming to the end of the rope as they would expire. Hitler did not do enough. These Jews are war criminals and they may push for the end of life.