good question!

You got him stumped ... note he can't respond!

I think you are making his head hurt by asking the tough questions ... he
isn't accustomed to actually "thinking" about what he "parrots"

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How do you respond to what Christians say about Islam?

This difference in perspective means that Muslim criticism of Christianity
is usually mild, concentrating on only those aspects of Christianity that
it considers distortions of the teachings of Jesus, whereas Christian
criticism of Islam tries to discredit any part of Islam that gives
credibility to its message.

Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death

Nadarkhani was arrested in 2009 for the crime of apostasy because he
allegedly abandoned Islam for Christianity.
So let me get this straight; if you refuse to convert back to islam, you
murdered by muslims?
And you wonder why no one trusts muslims.
How do you respond muslims killing Christians?