Notice that anti-Islam trolls are busy trying to cheat us !!

Muslims should never come down to anti-Islam posters level. We are not like
them, nor do we ever want to be like them. We are Muslims, we are extremely
proud of it

Anti-Islam posters just can't take it anymore! They know that Islam growing
fast in America and Europe. In Africa too.... So they became desperate

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His

They want to blow out the Light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah
perfecting His Light no matter how much the disbeliever hate it.

(Qur'an 61:8)

Anti-Islam posters are busy spewing LIES, HATE, BIGOTRY and PREJUDICE
against Muslims and Islam.

Dealing with the dregs of humanity anti-Islam trolls

Anti-Islam troll those who continuously posting off topic and hate- filled,
divisive rubbish on board. They have something in common, they post
inflammatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane and racially offensive
material. I would like to outline some basics of how to deal with anti-
Islam trolls?

Generally speaking, ignore the flame-bait!!

Do not feed the animals, do not feed the anti-Islam Trolls. Generally
speaking, all of these filthy messages should be ignored, and left to expire
from the news feed. Anti-Islam trolls who post articles of this nature are
out looking for trouble and trying to create it.

They are morally bankrupt, rude and hostile you don't need to sink to their
low level of immorality and filth.

If you do feel the need to write something to them, respond in private
e-mail to them - despite the facts that they posts via invalid or stolen
emails- Otherwise, please leave matters to the experienced posters. They've
had to deal with these situations many times before and know what route to

If we don't follow these guidelines, we would all descend into anarchy, and
the whole point of the group would be lost.

Having said all that, I believe, Islam had faced 1400 years of attacks from
extreme religious people of other faiths. It not only survived, it actually
became the fastest growing religion of the world!

Warning there anti-Islam forgers and trolls amongst us, proceed with caution

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Notice that anti-Islam trolls are busy trying to cheat us !!