Essentially the Zionist state of Israel exists because of the
Holocaust. Had there been no Holocaust, there would be no Israel.
That's why the Holocaust has grown into a trillion-dollar industry and
that's why belief in it must be sustained at all costs.(1) It is not
an exaggeration to say that Zionism is the Holocaust industry and the
Holocaust industry is Zionism. Over the years this unholy partnership
has grown so great that it now controls America's national media,
educational institutions, political and banking systems. That's why
the American taxpayers have built the Israeli military into the most
powerful force in the Middle East and indeed in many parts of the
world. That's why Zionists, after they invaded, stole and ethnically
cleansed Palestine, can rob, torture and murder what's left of the
native population with little or no repercussions. That's why this
entire world is on the brink of a giant abyss.