Quran: "I will hit my woman" . .. .... . .. ..... .......

The "modern Islamists" searched in all the Quran for verses that contain any
derivative of the verb "darb," and compared all their meanings. They
concluded that there are 10 meanings of the verb "darb;" each of these 10
meaning will be thoroughly analyzed through the verses supporting them.

After studying all those verses, I found that they all don't change the
meaning of "darb" in verse 4:34 at all. And the verb "darb" was CORRECTLY
understood and translated as "beat."

In fact, all those verses that include "darb" are actually figurative
expressions. For example, "hit the sky" is a figurative expression; NOTHING
can literally "hit" or "crash" with layers of gases, it is meant to be
understood as "fly high through" the sky. Dishonest Islamists will consider
this as a "different meaning" for the word "hit." So they can tell you "I'll
hit you," but they actually meant "I'll fly high through you"!!!! YES, this
IS their "logic."

What will I do here is going through ALL the verses in this list (hence the
article is long), and prove that all of them didn't add a new meaning for
the word "darb" when used against a woman (the wife). So please be patient,
and sorry for making it so long.

First of all, there is a very important concept that needs to be understood:

The meaning of many verbs differ according to the OBJECTS they are applied
to. I'll use the word "hit" in English as an example, which also means

I will do exactly like those "modern Islamists," and will also get 10
meanings of the verb "hit" in the same way. Those are the 10 meanings I
compiled from the verb "hit" (the nouns in the brackets are the objects to
be hit):

1-Go through (Road)
2-Click (Mouse)
3-Drink (Bottle)
4-Land (Target)
5-Reach (Market)
6-Press (Brakes)
7-Go (Beach)
8-Fulfil (Spot)
9-Demonstrate (Streets)
10-Win (Jackpot)


1- When someone "hits the road," it means he "departed" or "went through the
road." It surely doesn't mean he got a hammer and hit the road. Does "hit
the woman" mean "go through the woman"?

2- When I say I will "hit the Mouse," I mean to say I will "click on the
mouse." Does "hit the woman" mean "click on the woman"?

3-When I say he "hit the bottle," what I really meant is "drink the bottle"
or "drink alcohol heavily." Does "hit the woman" mean "drink the woman?"

4- When a darts player "hits the target," he didn't get the dart board and
break it, he simply shot the dart and it "landed on the target." Does "hit
the woman" mean "land on the woman"?

5-When my book "hits the market," it means my book "reaches the mearket."
Does "hit the woman" mean "reach the woman"?

6-When I say I'll "hit the brakes," it doesn't mean I'll break the braking
pedal, but rather I mean I'll "press on the brakes" to stop the car. Does
"hit the woman" mean "press on the woman"?

7-When a family "hits the beach," they didn't fell from the 11th floor and
"crashed" into the beach, but they "went to the beach." Does "hit the woman"
mean "go to the woman"?

8-When I say its fine but it didn't "hit the spot," I meant to say its fine
but didn't fulfil my need. Does "hit the woman" mean "woman fulfiled my

9-When I say the activists "hit the streets," it means the activists
"demonstrated in the streets." Does "hit the woman" mean "demonstrate to the

10-When I say he "hit the jackpot" it actually means he "won the jackpot."
Does "hit the woman" mean "win the woman"?

As you see, each of those sentences containing "hit" had different
interpretations, according to the object used in combination with it.
Putting in mind all those "different meanings" of the word "hit," what do
you understand when I say "I will hit my woman"?

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Regarding Israel, GOD said: "I will bless those who bless you, and I will
curse him who curses you. All of the families of the earth will be blessed
in you."
(Genesis 12:3) <== (this is why the "Islamic world" is in ruins)

Regarding the reestablishment of Israel, GOD said: Now therefore thus saith
the Lord, the God of Israel . . . Behold, I will gather them out of all the
countries, whither I have driven them, in mine anger . . . and I will bring
them again unto this place, and I will cause them to dwell safely: and they
shall be my people and I will be their God .
.. . (Deuteronomy 32:36-38) <== (this expalins the miracle "rebirth" of
Israel in 1948)

God Bless Israel!

God Bless America!