Re: Islam Will Replace Collapsing American Empire

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Islam Will Replace Collapsing American Empire

As the United States would become a nose-diving empire, Islam could be
a substitute for the New World Order, said famed French writer and
philosopher *Roger Garaudy.

"With its deep concerns over losing the grip on some areas of the
world as well as the emergence of Europe and South East Asian
countries as competitive economic powers, America could feel its slide
into collapse," Garaudy told in an exclusive

Garaudy sees the collapse of the world's only super power country
"could even be precipitated by an Arab-Islamic steadfastness" along
with forming an Islamic-Christian alliance "to boycott and stand in
the face of the U.S. and its close ally Israel".

He argued that Islam could replace the New World Order as the widely-
spreading religion carries no opposition to the half of the world
population of Christians.

"I could set myself as an example to the western citizen, as I still
carry Jesus in my heart although I had converted to Islam," he said.

"The Islamic religion offered me the picture of Jesus in the way I
like," contended the former politician.

* Roger Garaudy, a French philosopher Converted to Islam

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