Manufacturers' Association of Israel

Since its establishment in 1921, the Manufacturers' Association of Israel
(MAI) is recognized as a central force in the Israeli economy as a whole,
and in the industrial sector in particular. It is strongly aware of its
obligation to promote national goals such as economic independence and
security. The MAI constitutes a powerful force in all decision-making at the
macro-economic level, including subjects such as labor and foreign trade -
both at the level of proposed parliamentary legislation, as well as the
execution of laws.

Due to its central position among the three main players that mold the
Israeli economy - Government, MAI, Histadrut (Trade Union) - the
Manufacturers' Association makes every effort to maintain a balance between
its responsibility towards a sound economy and society, and its obligation
to represent the interests of its members, to promote their standing and to
strengthen industry's competitiveness in local and global markets.