Re: Paradise (cut from Once Christian, now Muslim)

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>>>> On 24 Dec 2005 22:53:51 -0800, zev_horn@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>>>I was disappointed when Roman Catholics
>>>>>chose an old man as pope, again.
>>>>>Christianity today needs a renaissance,
>>>>>and only a dynamic, younger man could pull it off.
>>>>>Their inability to change makes them irrelevent
>>>>>to growing numbers of Europeans.
>>>> Christianity has been through a renaissance and today is generally
>>>> benign. Hint: if you're European, you might want to worry a bit more
>>>> about the spread of fascist Islam.
>>>Why is Christianity a negligible part of the lives of so many
>> I believe that advances in education and science have caused the
>> decline of religion. Personally, I don't see how any intelligent,
>> thinking person could believe in a god. Places where religion still
>> has a hold on people tend to be those where the people are very poor
>> and ignorant. They are easily manipulated by religious dogma and
>> government propaganda. Of course, there are intelligent who people
>> make their living pushing religion to the disadvantaged. I wonder how
>> many of them are devout, and how many consider what they do as just a
>> business.
>>>Why don't Europeans in general have enough children
>>>to reproduce themselves and thus require immigration
>>>(of you know who) in order to have a stable economy?
>> This is not peculiar to Europeans. Many affluent, educated people opt
>> for fewer children. I have not researched this, but I would guess this
>> is because the historical reasons people had larger families
>> previously, e.g., more hands to work a farm, security in old age, fear
>> of children being killed by war, famine, etc., have largely been
>> removed from western countries.
>>>Who, in your opinion, is going to make the effort
>>>to do a bit more than "worry a bit more"?
>>>"lanman", do you see a connection between these things?
>> I do see a connection. In the US, I have to ask - if women didn't
>> murder approximately one million unborn babies a year, how many fewer
>> immigrants would we need to fill jobs in the US.
>I agree with all of your answers,
>(except that I don't see how any intelligent
>thinking person could be an atheist),

Touche. :-)

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